To run a simultaneous release you need to provide a pubrelease.multi.yaml configuration file that describes each of the packages that need to be released.

The pubrelease.multi.yaml configuration file will normally be located in the tool directory of the main project but can be in any of the package tool directories.

The pubrelease.multi.yaml configuration file simply lists each of the related packages and their relative paths.

The order of the packages is important.

It is important that you place each package in the correct order for the release process to run successfully.

You should place the outermost packages first.

For example if you have the following pubspec.yaml files:

name: conduit
  conduit_orm: ^1.0.0
  conduit_common: ^1.0.0
name: conduit_orm
  conduit_common: ^1.0.0
name: conduit_common

In the above examples conduit_common is the 'outermost' package and you should therefore order you packages as follows:

conduit_common: ../common
conduit_orm: ../orm
conduit: .

The above ordering will cause Pub Release to release packages in the following order:

  • conduit_common

  • conduit_orm

  • conduit

The paths for each package must be relative to the project that contains the pubrelease.multi.yaml file.

Don't forget to add pubrelease_multi.yaml to git.

To test you configuration run:

pub_release multi --dry-run

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