Attach an asset to a github release

You can use pub_release to automatically attach an asset to a git 'release'.
Install dcli which we will use to create the hook.
pub global activate dcli
dcli install
You will need to obtain a github personal access token:
Copy the following script to:
<project root>/tool/post_release_hook\publish_asset.dart
#! /usr/bin/env dcli
import 'package:dcli/dcli.dart';
import 'package:settings_yaml/settings_yaml.dart';
void main(List<String> args) {
var project = DartProject.current;
var pathToSettings = join(project.pathToProjectRoot, 'tool', 'post_release_hook', 'settings.yaml');
var settings = SettingsYaml.load(pathToSettings: pathToSettings);
var username = settings['username'] as String;
var apiToken = settings['apiToken'] as String;
var owner = settings['owner'] as String;
var repository = settings['repository'] as String;
'github_release -u $username --apiToken $apiToken --owner $owner --repository $repository'
.start(workingDirectory: Script.current.pathToProjectRoot);