Pub Release is a package that automates publishing dart/flutter packages to

Pub Release also supports the simultaneous release of multiple related packages.

Pub Release performs the following operations:

  • Run pre/post release 'hook' scripts.

  • Formats all code using dartfmt

  • Increments the version no. using semantic versioning after asking what sort of changes have been made.

  • Creates a dart file containing the version no. in src/version/version.g.dart

  • Updates the pubspec.yaml with the new version no.

  • If you are using Git:

    • Generates a Git Tag using the new version no.

    • Generates release notes from commit messages since the last tag.

    • Publish any executables list in pubspec.yaml as assets on github

  • Allows you to edit the release notes.

  • Adds the release notes to CHANGELOG.MD along with the new version no.

  • Publishes the package to

Help support Pub Release by supporting OnePub, the private Dart repository.

OnePub allows you to privately share Dart packages across your Team and with your customers.

Try it for free and publish your first private package in seconds.

Publish a private package in five commands:

dart pub global activate onepub

onepub login

cd <my package>

onepub pub private

dart pub publish

Getting Started

  • Install Pub Release globally with:

dart pub global activate pub_release

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