Before you attempt a release you should do a dry run

pub_release multi --dry-run
pub_release mulit -d

Pub Release will run a dry run on your release to allow you to do basic checks across all of your projects.

The dry will will perform each of the following actions:

  • check that all code is committed

  • run analyze over your code

  • format your code

  • run unit tests for each package

You can skip the unit tests by passing:

pub_release multi -d -no-test

Once you are ready to perform a release run:

pub_release multi

The multi command will still run analyze and format but it will not run the unit tests but it will warn you if a successful unit test run has not been completed for each package.

Suppress multi release

In some edge cases you may want to release just the top level package and not any of the child packages. In this case you can use the --no-multi flag.

pub_release --no-multi

This switch is only required if releasing the top level package as child packages can still be released independently.

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